About Us

Here at AC Best Price, we value the satisfaction of our customers and would like to form a lasting relationships with them. We know that this can be achieved if our company goals and visions are intact, clear, and known by all of those whom we serve. To read more about us and what values run our business, please read our mission statement and core values below:

AC Best Price Mission Statement

Here at AC Best Price, we believe that each homeowner has a unique personality and this reflects in his or her home as well. That is why we have decided to work with several credited contractors and manufacturers in order to insure our clients have more options and are able to find the appropriate team of contractors/manufacturers for your home.

Our homes or properties are perhaps one of the greatest investments we will make in our lifetime. Therefore, it is really important to choose a home contractor that could deliver what you want for your home. AC Best Price is proud to say that we have all these qualifications as an experienced home contractor. We are a preferred contractor for both private individuals and companies.

AC Best Price Core Values

looking out for you

The main thing that feeds life to our daily operations is our passion for customer service. We look out for every homeowner who partners with us for a home construction project. We have a set standard code of behavior and guidelines on how we should conduct our business dealings.

These codes help us handle each project with honesty, professionalism and efficiency. They also tell how employees should treat customers and each other and how to hold ourselves responsible for our actions.

Here are our ethical values that form the cornerstone of our code of conduct:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Positive attitude
  • Caring
  • Customer-Driven Excellence
  • Confidence